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Covid-19: Ibrahimovic reacts to result after testing positive

AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the latest player to have contacted covid-19.He said he has tested to covid today through his twitter account which he tagged a bad idea according to him."I tested negative to Covid yesterday and positive today. No symptoms what so ever. Covid had the courage to challenge me. Bad idea" Zlatan Ibrahimovic will go on self isolation for two weeks before going for further screening.

BBNaija: Winner revealed by fans

By Adigun Olayemi Big Brother Naija season 5 is gradually coming to an end after entering its last week, the fans are of the opinion and view of whom the winner will be, maybe it's very easy for the fans to predict.Narrowing down the housemates to just only five in the house, viewers may have known their winnner through the result of votes casted every week which the whole process seldomly takes a secret phase from the housemates.Ozo and Trickytee were the latest housemates to be evited from the lockdown house after getting the lowest votes by the fans, Laycon tops the result chat by taking half of the votes out of the total votes casted. Does this mean that the winner has been revealed? This will be answered by the fans again next Sunday.Vee, Neo,Dorathy and Nengi will have to be at their best and hope their fans give them the glory by voting massively for them knowing fully well that Laycon who's the favourite and annointed winner by the viewers amaze the large portion of th…

BBNaija 2020: Laycon and Dorathy joins others in final as two evicted from lockdown house

Timmy Sinclair "Trikytee" and  Ozoemena Chukwu "Ozo" have both been evicted from the live eviction show this evening.They both had the lowest votes out of the four other housemates up for eviction for the week.Ozo is an Imo State entrepreneur who is currently participating at the ongoing BBNaija Season 5 reality TV show, tagged “Lockdown”. BBNaija Ozo whose full name is Ozoemena Chukwu has worked in several areas of business, including HR, sports administration, business financial management and customer relations.Timmy Sinclair is a 35-year-old creative artist and Lagos resident who hails from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Tricky Tee as he is also known considers himself a storyteller who uses the media of film, and music to express himself.Other housemates that made it to the finals include Vee, Neo, Nengi, Laycon and Dorathy.

BBNaija: Ozo commits another offense, risk disqualification

Big Brother Naija housemate  Ozoemena  " Ozo" Chukwu is at the risk of getting disqualified after sleeping in the Head of house room past 2am. The same situation which got his fellow lockdown housemate Erica disqualified from the house. There's been a debate by fans after Ozo stayed in the HoH room past 2am. Recall Erica recieved a strike for similar situation. Nengi won the Hoh game for this week and Ozo has been her boyfriend in the house was invited by her to the lounge.Should Ozo get a strike, it would be his third amounting to automatic disqualification.

BBNaija: Neo win big at indomie game challenge

Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate  Emuobonuvio "Neo" Akpofure, popularly referred to as Neo has won the Indomie task of the day.He has been appointed Moderator of the Indomie games and will now become Big Brother's assistant in the rest of the tasks.
He has also been rewarded with N500,000.

BBNaija: Kiddwaya and Prince evicted from lockdown house

Big Brother Naija housemates Kiddwaya and Prince have been evicted from the lockdown house.They were evicted after scoring the lowest votes among housemates up for eviction.Their eviction leaves seven housemates to battle for the grand prize worth N85m.While Prince is the twelfth housemate to be evicted this season, Kiddwaya, the son of Terry Waya is the thirteenth housemate to be evicted this season.Sunday’s eviction leaves Laycon, Vee, Nengi, Trikytee, Dorathy, Neo and Ozo in the semi-final stages week.

Toyin Abraham shares astonishing birthday pictures

Popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham celebrate her birthday by sharing beautiful pictures on twitter. She shared it through her twitter account after turning 40 today.Popularly known has Toyin Aimakhu, is widely known for her energetic displays in most yoruba movies she features in.
See Photo;

Former BBN Housemate Brighto shares post lockdown house pictures

A former housemate of the the live TV reality show known as Big Brother Naija has took to the social media to upload his new post after his eviction.Brighto was evicted from the lockdown house on Sunday after amassing the lowest votes from the public, evicted alongside him was Wathoni and Tolanibaj.See pictures;

BBNaija 2020: Housemates and their nominees for eviction

Trickytee, Laycon, Lucy, Vee, Nengi and Kiddwaya are up for possible Eviction in the first Nomination session by the Housemates.
Biggie introduced a twist in the middle of season 5  wherein Housemates would Nominate who they feel should go home. The voting process was done differently in the first six Sunday Night Eviction Shows where we saw Housemates Vote for who goes home from the four Housemates with the least votes. 
After Monday night HoH games wherein Erica won for the second time this season and picked Prince as her Deputy, one by one the Housemates went into Biggie's Diary Room and named two Housemates for possible Eviction this week. Here is how the first Housemates' Nomination session went down:
Housemate  Who they Nominated
Lucy : Nengi and Trikytee
Kiddwaya: Lucy and Trikytee
Dorathy: Vee and Laycon
Laycon: Trikytee and Lucy
Nengi: Lucy and Laycon
Trikytee: Lucy and Laycon
Vee: Trikytee and Dorathy
Ozo: Lucy and Kiddwaya
Prince: Nengi and Ozo
Neo: Kiddwaya and Lucy
Erica: Vee a…

BBNaija: Wathoni evicted from lockdown house

It’s another Sunday and with it comes eviction night of housemates from the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality TV show. So far, it’s a double eviction as Wathoni becomes the 2nd housemate to be evicted today alongside TolaniBaj.Florence Wathoni Anyansi is a 29-year-old fashion entrepreneurThis multi-talented single mother juggles a fashion business and a parenting blog. She is also bilingual and speaks and writes in Swahili fluently.What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown? I started eating chocolates more than usual, praying with the rosary three to five times (no jokes), and a lot of thinking.What are your words to live by? You are unstoppable; you have not come this far to stop now.What is your biggest achievement? Providing for my son, being chosen to work in Julius Berger amongst graduates (I was an undergraduate then), giving birth naturally to a 4.3kg baby.

BBNaija: BrightO leaves lockdown house

“E shock you?” Ebuka asked the audience after an unexpected eviction of Bright0, a contestant in the Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown reality show.First described as Evangelist by viewers, BrightO, full name Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame, became popular in the house for his generation of commotion among other housemates.
The 29-year-old, when asked by Ebuka if he was intentionally “jamming heads together” in the house, said it was just his typical way of acting.29-year-old BrightO eviction came after the eviction of two other housemates, Wathoni and Tolanibaj.Wathoni, full name, Florence Wathoni Anyansi, had earlier expressed her wish to get evicted from the show as she seemed not to be getting along with some housemates, especially, Erica.The Nigerian-Kenyan when interviewed after her eviction said she will be facing fashion and probably TV shows moving forward.Tolani Shobajo, known as Tolanibaj, in the house, is a Yoruba girl close to Erica and according to discussions in the house, she h…

BBNaija: Tolanibaj evicted from house

It’s the end of the road for as TolaniBaj the American VBlogger as she became the first evicted housemate on the night.The show presenter, Ebuka, announced that there will be a twist tonight and unlike last week, she was evicted without the housemates voting.All housemates were told to stand and Ebuka called out TolaniBaj for eviction. This unexpected twist leaves the viewers shocked as it was totally unexpected.Tolani Shobajo is a 27-year-old media personality from Lagos state. Tolani is an energetic gingered babe. People always call her the life of the party. When she’s not entertaining, she’s dancing and cooking.What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown? Eating a daily breakfast. I didn’t realise how important having breakfast is until now. It makes my day better.What are your words to live by? Enjoy your life. Live it how you want because people will talk regardless.What’s your biggest achievement? After moving to Nigeria, I landed a job at one of the world’s leading…

BBNaija: Brighto blames eviction on Wathoni

Brighto was the ninth Housemate to be Evicted from the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House, telling Ebuka that he believed his Eviction had something to do with his relationship with Wathoni. He also said he is more of a career person and was going to pursue more certifications in the future.One of the things that Brighto will go down for is being the Housemate who did exactly what he said he would: getting involved in conspiracies. He’s been dubbed the ‘Lord Baelish’ of season 5 and has given fans plenty to gist about. 


Voting Result for Week 5 in Big Brother Naija 2020 Revealed

BBNaija: How the Housemates Voted in the fifth Eviction

For the fifth time, the BBNaija Lockdown Housemates Vote for the Housemates they want to be Evicted from the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House.It’s always a tense and shocking moment when the Housemates find out they did not garner enough Votes to keep them from the bottom four. It immediately dawns on them that their fates lie in the hands of the other Housemates. Tonight Praise, Trikytee, Wathoni, and Vee faced this fate as Ebuka called their names as the Housemates with the least Votes making them the bottom four. One by one, the Housemates were called into the Diary Room to cast their Votes for who they wanted to leave the House.
Here’s how they Voted; HousematesWho they Voted for possible EvictionBrighto : Praise and Trikytee
Dorathy Vee and Trikytee
Erica: Wathoni and Vee
Kiddwaya: Vee and Praise
Laycon: Wathoni and Trikytee
Neo :Wathoni and Praise
Nengi: Wathoni and Praise
Ozo: Praise and  Trikytee
Tolanibaj: Vee and Praise
Prince:Wathoni and Vee
Lucy:Wathoni and Trikytee
Total number of Vo…

BBNaija: Brighto and Wathoni Cuddles on bed after night game

BBNaija housemates Brighto and Wathoni were seen cuddling each other under the duvet after yesterday's night game.After entertaining themselves with games and alcoholic drinks, Brighto retired to his bed where Wathoni joined him. The duo were later sighted under the duvet cuddling aggressively’ and it has got some viewers of the talking.

Recall that Brighto on Wednesday night professed his feelings for Wathoni while they were on the same bed. He told Wathoni that he liked her and “wants her to remain in the house.”
See photo:

BBNaija: "It is difficult sleeping together with Kiddwaya without sex" - Erica

This week’s Head of House, Erica has revealed that she faced some challenges in her first night in the Head of House lounge with Kiddwaya who she choose as her Deputy Head of House.According to the actress, it wasn’t easy for her not to have sex with Kiddwaya last night. She revealed this in a conversation with fellow housemate, Tolanibaj during the work-out session earlier this morning.Erica emerged as the fourth week’s Head of House, following a keenly contested Head of House challenge where she picked Kiddwaya as her deputy. She although, chose Laycon as her second choice should Kiddwaya refused to accept the position of the deputy Head of House.Kiddwaya accepted her selection, and the pair spent the night together at the Head of House lounge.In her conversation with Tolanibaj during the work-out session, she revealed that the physical attraction made it so difficult for her to restrain from Kiddwaya, but she kept looking at the cameras to remind herself that she was on national TV…

BBNaija: Erica Chooses Kiddwaya as her Deputy HOH

This week’s Head of House, Erica has in no surprise, chosen her potential lover, Kiddwaya as her deputy Head of house for the week.Erica emerged as this week’s Head of House, following a keenly contested Head of House challenge earlier this evening. Luck shone on Erica, who was the last contestant of the game, with Prince almost who’d had the highest number, nearly being the winner of the contest.Erica however, choose Laycon as her second choice should Kiddwaya refuse her decision as him being her deputy. She also chose Praise as her third choice.With Erica as head of house and Kiddwaya as her potential deputy, they are both immune to eviction this coming week as the other housemates are up for possible eviction.

BBNaija 2020: Eric and Tochi Evicted from House

The third Live Show of Big Brother Naija Lockdown was a treat to watch. Two Housemates, Eric and Tochi, got Evicted and Ebuka made sure to shake some tables small.Every Sunday night the world comes to a standstill as Big Brother Naija broadcasts its Live Eviction Show and this week was one for the history books. As usual, the show started with Ebuka dressed to impress in dark green Agbada accented with dark shining stones and a large black bow. By his side was DJ Neptune who also got the attire memo and was in a beautiful dark Agbda while he provided the musical moments that make memories.The Eviction format was identical to last week as audience votes were tallied from Monday to Thursday and the four Housemates with least Votes all stand for eviction. After the introduction was completed Ebuka crossed into Biggie’s House to catch up with the Housemates. Ozo shared that his birthday celebrations were great even though he got into a fight this week. Dorathy let it be known that she ha…

Gov Sanwo-olu Meets "Mummy calm down" Internet Sensation boy

The popular internet sensation boy whose video went viral as "mummy calm down" has met with the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu yesterday.
The video went viral after a conversation with his mother over a parental toture, which the boy obliged by saying "mummy calm down" and later trends on social media platforms and converted the eyes of some well-meaning individuals which the governor of Lagos was part of.
Sanwo-olu met with the family of the boy to show his love to them.

Trump Bans TikTok, WeChat, Others in US