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Transfer: Barcelona in Talks with Man United over Defender deal

Manchester United have been offered Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann in exchange for Victor Lindelöf. Barca are looking to take advantage of Raphael Varane's move to Old Trafford, which has seen Lindelöf drop down the pecking order.

Ghana Must Go: The Diplomatic Nightmare Between Nigeria and Ghana

   By Akanji Abdul Azeez.   I'm Akanji Abdul Azeez, I'm used to traveling by road from Cote d'Ivoire to Nigeria and before I get to Nigeria, I have to pass through Ghana borders. What I noticed anytime I travel through that route is the "hatred" in the face of Ghanaian Immigration officers towards immigrant Nigerians.  This hatred has been traced to 1969 during Kofi Abrefa Busia, the then Prime minister of Ghana. He demanded the expulsion of Nigerian migrants for reasons including economic concerns and xenophobia. In retaliation, in the early months of 1983 Shehu Shagari, the Nigerian president at the time ordered the tragic expulsion of several citizens of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Many of them had entered Nigeria as economic migrants during the 1970s without official immigration documents.  In the case of Ghanaians, both skilled and unskilled migrants were pushed by the unbearable economic conditions in Ghana to seek refuge in

Traveling Expenses From Nigeria To Cote d'Ivoire (Abidjan) by Road

  Akanji Abdul Azeez  Cote d'Ivoire is a member country of ECOWAS that accommodates all citizens of their member state on visa on arrival or sometimes with no visa. To travel by road from Nigeria is very easy only if you follow the instructions. Since all the land borders are closed due to the corona pandemic, Below I will explain how you will travel with no stress to Abidjan from Nigeria.  From Lagos state, take a car going to Sango Otta which cost 2500 naira or 2000 depending on the situation of the country. On getting to Sango ask for Buss to go to Idiroko which is the border of Nigeria and the Benin Republic. Mind you we have 2 main borders, one is in Badagry Road while the second is Idiroko road. The Badagry road is bad and with many checkpoints, this will make the journey stressful. Going to Idiroko from Sango Otta the journey will cost you 1500 naira. It is always advisable to travel with your identity card to be free from questions from immigration officers on the road.  If

Cost of Living in Cote d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire is a West African country with beach resorts, rainforests, and a French-colonial legacy. Abidjan, on the Atlantic coast, is the country’s major urban center.   For the sake of people that want to relocate from their country to cote d'Ivoire, I will suggest they to chose Abidjan for their destination because it's the commercial capital where almost all activities in the country are taking place. This write-up will center on Abidjan which is the economic capital of cote d'Ivoire. Below is the analysis :  House rent: Renting a house in Abidjan is very difficult and it comes with conditions and one financial ability. As someone that wants to relocate to Abidjan, the first thing you need to know is that house rent is paid on monthly basis not yearly like some country like Nigeria. To get a house you first need a real estate agent and let him know your budget. What I mean is telling him the amount you can afford monthly. House rent fee vary from 20,000cfa to 70,

Aftermath Crypto currency and Bitcoin ban by the CBN, way forward

  Prince Charmaine The Central Bank of Nigeria, announced a sweeping ban on crypto currency purchase and trading in the country.   The crypto ban was announced in a now-deleted circular dated February 5, 2021. The circular which bears the insignia of the CBN and signatures of two of its top officials, orders regulated financial institutions to identify people and organisations trading in crypto to close their accounts immediately. It threatens severe regulatory actions on financial institutions that refuse to co- operate.      The ban comes as a shock to many, including those in the crypto industry. Sources within the industry say there was no communication beforehand. While many expected some kind of regulation in the future, the suddenness and seeming totality of it has deeply shaken the industry.   The ban follows the path of recent regulatory practices where stakeholders are not consulted or even spoken to before restrictions are placed on their service. In December 2020, the

My Encounter with the Homeless

  By Akanji Abdul Azeez * Today we are all living in a house and enjoying the comfort of the four walls of our house even though we are not a multimillionaire or a rich person in our community. Whenever we enter our house at night and ready to sleep we forget some people outside. Who are they ? They are the homeless! I took a week to roam around the street at the dark hour of the night just to see what was the true definition of homelessness and to my greatest surprise what I saw is far beyond the definition of homeless in the dictionary. Men and women , Boys and girls , young and old of all types are Seen at the dark hours of the night ( 1am and 4am) sleeping infront of shops; with no fan , no mosquito net , no walls to guide them, no bed , no comfort, I felt sad  and cried seeing their conditions. Imagine how they are enduring during the harmattan season and in the rainy season. We live in a world where human being doesn’t have a sense of humanity, we live in a world where we on

Covid-19: A Myth in Africa

By Akanji Abdul Azeez We all know how COVID 19 has handicapped many countries of the world socially, mentally, and financially, but as an African with Nigerian mentality I ask myself "is COVID 19 not a myth in Africa?  COVID 19 is real but The real ambassadors of Africa are not "proving" it's real.  On March 18, 2020, Gov Seyi Makinde held a rally in Ibadan and it was attended by thousands of party loyalists yet we claim COVID 19 exist... I ask myself is Africa corona not a myth?  On April 5, 2020, The Lagos State Police Command arrested Nollywood actress and producer, Funke Akindele, for hosting a house party in violation of the on-going lock down in the state but at the court, we all witnessed what happened. Covid 19 preventive measures was not respected by the lawyers, individuals, journalists and security men in the court. I asked myself why not arresting all the media personnel present at Funke Akindele's trial in court for violating social distancing guidel

Birthday: Things You Need To Know About Akanji Abdul Azeez

 Born in August 3 into the family of Mrs. Àkànjí of Ilé ọ̀moosan of iwo, Osun state.   He attended Primary school in a French-speaking school in cote d'Ivoire "Les Hirondelles d'adjame" where he formally learned how to speak French fluently. He attended his Junior secondary school in an English speaking school in Cote d'Ivoire "GOF INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, Abidjan". That's where he started learning the English language.  For his senior secondary school, he attended "Islamic model College" in iwo, òsùn state. Where he had his senior secondary school certificate in the year 2012.   He studied English language and political science in a private college of education in Ìbàdàn (AL-IBADAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (IBACOED). Where he graduated as one of the best students in the year 2015.  As a graduate of a college of education, he taught Government and literature in the English language in Ibadan (Ridwanullah model college, shagari) and Iwo ( Islamic

COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Effect On Educational System In Nigeria

  By Sodiq Adebayo Prior to the emergence of corona virus in the most populated country in the world, China. It has claimed many lives. However, none could ever imagine that the canker worm could spread from the abode to the whole so easily and readily. Now, currently speaking, no country in the planet is safe. We're all scared and felt concerned as our brothers and sisters from far and near are victims already. In January 9, 2020, the Chinese state media reported that a team of researchers led by Xu Jianguo had identified the pathogen behind the mysterious outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan as a novel coronavirus. The well recognized organization, WHO announced Covid-19 outbreak as a pandemic on 11 March, 2020 which has led to the total shut and lock down of countries in the whole world. International and intra-national travelings ban were placed to control and prevent the spread. Usual daily activities that could help spread the virus were banned. And these include any gathering of