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Florentino Pérez: "Cristiano Ronaldo won't return to Real Madrid"

  Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, was on Spanish TV show El Chiringuito to speak for the first time after the announcement of a breakaway European Super League. The new chairman of the Super League also discussed the current ongoing at Real Madrid. On signing Kylian Mbappé : We are here to talk about the Super League. In eight years' time, I'll be talking about something else. Look, I'm wearing a mask and I hear "sign Mbappé". What do I say? Don't worry... The truth is that he is a very good player. Madrid need a change. I'm not talking about Mbappé. But we have won many things, many things have happened. I have not spoken to him... At least today. It was a joke. I can assure you that I haven't spoken to him for years. I only know what I read in the newspapers. Signings at Real Madrid: I'm doing everything I can so that Madrid doesn't lose its rightful place. The madridistas know that. But the truth is that we had to bring in €9


The journey of my life My sojourn in this present life In a world of total molestation A place of the biased mind Somewhere in the aged greenfield Today, I celebrate my god on this earth My beloved constructor of my life The perfect and ever reliable one Been there during my social distress When my sojourn almost collapsed She helped me conquer all situations A brave woman indeed! Zealous as a born winner She helped me through my differences When my differences almost turn to molestation She ensured my happiness all day I live with her,talk with her and love her Today I celebrate your courage Celebrate your tenderness and tenacity Your love from me is agape Oh! thank you for all your contributions Your advice kept my brain high In other for me to soar high Even when I know that the sky is high My life, my world, my love The unquantifiable water The amount of stones of this world This rivers of this universe My love supersede all I love you world best