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Transfer: Barcelona in Talks with Man United over Defender deal

Manchester United have been offered Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann in exchange for Victor Lindelöf. Barca are looking to take advantage of Raphael Varane's move to Old Trafford, which has seen Lindelöf drop down the pecking order.


All is red under the blue sky It is gloomy under the ray Spreading its tentacles by the way Everything seems so beautiful Like the rose of a flower That is watered by a natural farmer Today, it is all about love The depth of it can't be moved Even when planted , it can't be cutoff Because the soul radiates together Like a flaming fire in the air All I hear is love, all I feel Is love The love that never withers away The love that doesn't cry in the dark The love the can't be brought down All I see is a beautiful love Because today we celebrate the prodigy love. By Adigun Olayemi ©2017 (A valentine special poem dedicated to all lovers for the sake of love)