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Confirmed: Another Barcelona player leaves club

Arturo Vidal has completed his switch back to Italy, joining Inter Milan in a deal worth €1m.
The Chilean midfielder has joined Inter on a permanent deal from FC Barcelona. From today, Vidal will be on the front line for the Nerazzurri, with the same objectives as ever: fighting, giving it his all, and winning.Also Read: Luis Suarez set to join another Spanish club
"He will become the sixth Chilean to play for Inter. The first was Ivan Zamorano, another born fighter. He was followed by David Pizarro, Luis Jimenez, Gary Medel and Alexis Sanchez."It’s confirmed. He’s arrived in Milan, and he’s a Nerazzurri player. Welcome to Inter, Arturo!"Vidal joined Barcelona in the summer of 2018 from Bayern Munich and has since made a glittering start for the Liga giant after winning titles which they were dethroned by Real Madrid last season.


He was the first prime minister of an independent Nigeria.
Born a commoner in the north of colonial
Nigeria, he trained as a teacher. Balewa
entered the government 1952 as Minister
of Works, and later served as Minister of
Transport. In 1957, he was elected Chief
Minister, forming a coalition government
between the NPC and the National council
for Nigeria and the Cameroons, led by
Nnamdi Azikiwe.He was overthrown and
killed in a military coup on January 15,
1966, as were many other leaders,
including his old companion Ahmadu
Bello. His body was discovered by a
roadside near Lagos six days after he was
ousted from office Balewa was buried in
Bauchi.The Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
University in his honour.
Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe: Born on November 16,1904, he hails from Nnewi in Anambra
State and died in 1996 at the University
Of Nigeria Teacher Hospital, Enugu. His
portrait adorns Nigeria’s five hundred
naira currency note N500. He was one of
the leading figures of Nigeria nati…


I woke up to see this beautiful vegetation
The overflow of water from the underground
The broad cover of the earth's radiation
Spreading from west to east of the world
The free gift of the entire vegetation

Tall and broad trees are impeachable
Beautiful  colourfulness of the flowers
Brightness of the sun ploughing the eyes
Oh! This is amazing beyond our imagination
When it has no expiration

The hills surrounds us conveniently
Free gift of the immeasurable land
Birds fly freely without congestion
We all got to the earth to see it
Because everything is a free gift.

         By Adigun Olayemi



All I extend is a handshake of caring
All I present is free loaves of doting
Only love string is attached, no doublecrossing
Try me dear, and u taste the love honey
Forget the issue of money
All I can offer for now is the future shinny
Shinning and glowing like glory
Dear! All these are not folklore story
Don't doubt me

I must be plain with my love
Because it is something tough
It glows when it is rough
And tolerate dirt but still looks shove

All I know is that love don't care
For anything that appear to be easy and near
Love is all about how to share
All it cares about is your heart purity
And your character in building the duty
Duty to build the bridge of love
Not minding the edge and curve

By Yusuf Ade



Wole Soyinka was born on July 13,
1934, in Nigeria and educated in
England. In 1986, the playwright and
political activist became the first
African to receive the Nobel Prize for
Literature. He dedicated his Nobel
acceptance speech to Nelson
Mandela. Soyinka has published
hundreds of works, including drama,
novels, essays and poetry, and colleges
all over the world seek him out as a
visiting professor.                            

 Early life

Wole Soyinka was born Akinwande
Oluwole "Wole" Babatunde Soyinka on
July 13, 1934, in Abeokuta, near Ibadan
in western Nigeria. His father, Samuel
Ayodele Soyinka, was a prominent
Anglican minister and headmaster. His
mother, Grace Eniola Soyinka, who was
called "Wild Christian," was a
shopkeeper and local activist. As a
child, he lived in an Anglican mission
compound, learning the Christian
teachings of his parents, as well as the
Yoruba spiritualism and tribal customs
of his grandfather. A precocious and
inquisitive c…


The task of it pays,
Toiling and rolling on the bays,
Cascading around in the dark rays,
Voyaging down the night,
Even when no one sees your might.

Everyone comes around to brainstorm,
As long as the brain doesn't tumble,
The night workers will not crumble,
Taking the risk despite the obstacle,
Walking down without shackle.

The night takes its position,
When young lads have no opposition,
Than to go through the variation,
When they know the result is jubilation,
As we live on the earth of mystification.

Night do not judge my actions
As much as I have no discretion,
Than to walk in it with caution,
But I know our mind hold different actions.



Lets call a spade by its name,
So that it can know its aim,
Call a spade by its name,spade,
Before we all get captured under its salvage,
I don't know the problem with our age,
It is cumbersome than the dark age of the old sage,

Flaunting of boobs is a grand style,
That our girls do eye,
The artistic tattoo,
Catches the boys eyes,forgetting it as a taboo,
Playing smart on lappy is yahoo,
The intake of wobe! Wobe!
Is an o.t to talk to bae,
Ask a 5years ola girl,
Who is her angel?
She will tell you her role model,
Is a model.

Why am I born here?
Right in this world of no air,
Where people don't care,
All what they see is the monsters,
Popularly known as celebrities and stars,
They keep leading our youth astray,
And foolishly the youth see no ray,
Are they stars or monsters?
This is a question of the heart,
That we need to ask the so called stars on earth.

By Yusuf Ade

YUSUF ADETOLA QUYUM  is a born and bred son of the heartbeat of Oyo state
Ibadan. A law student at Obafemi Awol…


Your lips so soft and red,
The thought of kissing you is stuck in my head,
Your beauty is bright and warm,
Shinning through the darkest storm,
Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky,
When I stare into them I feel I am soaring high,
My love for you is pure and true,
I never stop thinking about you,
The sound of your voice singing love songs,
Make my heart pound,
I know I've truly found my one and only,
I promise to love you for every moment,
And when the everything else crumbles,
I am your armor to protect you from harm,
Like you are to me, a lucky charm,
For you're my heart,my soul,my world.

By Adigun Olayemi
(C) 2015

An excerpt from a book titled 'The Ujuzzi' by Deji Akin


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